Life Goes On

by Aces

  One Step at a Time: Peter goes on a long journey following Assumpta's death.

by Julie Barrett

  Better Than A Shrink: Through Peter's journal, we learn where he went after he left BallyK.

  Spiritual Advice: Sequel to Better Than A Shrink, Peter eases back into his priestly duties, but gets a shock when Jenny shows up again.

  Home For The Holidays: The town is buzzing about Brendan's mysterious visitor.

  A Close Encounter: Years after he leaves Ballykissangel, Peter is in the Far East and meets someone long believed to be dead.

by Debbe Burke

  Second Chance: Is it really Assumpta reincarnated?

by Evedina

  Ending: After Assumpta dies, Peter loses the will to live.

by Bill Greenley

  Reckoning and Absolution: Peter returns to Ballykissangel to achieve closure.

by Jen Jolley

  Peter Clifford's Diary, Chapter 5: Life after Ballykissangel--Peter moves to Australia. (Link to Chapters 1-4)

  Peter Clifford's Diary, Chapter 6: Making friends and settling in Down Under.

  Peter Clifford's Diary, Chapter 7: Peter's trip to the Outback.

  Peter Clifford's Diary, Chapter 8: Peter finds his new vocation and a lot more.

  Peter Clifford's Diary, Chapter 9: The end of a momentous year.

  Peter Clifford's Diary, Chapter 10: A wedding and a new beginning.

  Peter Clifford's Diary, Chapter 11: For unto us a child is born.

  Peter Clifford's Diary, Chapter 12: The end of one millenium and the beginning of another.

  Peter Clifford's Diary, Chapter 13: Life continues in the new millenium.

  Peter Clifford's Diary, Chapter 14: Life goes on.

  Peter Clifford's Diary, Chapter 15: The Finale.

  Peter Clifford's Diary, Chapter 16: Epilogue.

by Theodora McKee

  Moving On: Peter and the residents of Ballykissangel find their own ways of honoring Assumpta's memory.

by Jan Milnes

  Small World: Peter moves to London to work on the Bishop's staff, but soon finds the clerical life constraining.

  Resolution, Day One: Peter has a hard time coming to terms with Assumpta's death.

  Resolution, First Week: Peter wrestles with his faith.

  Resolution, First Year: During the year following Assumpta's death, Peter finds a purpose in life.

  Resolution, Second Year: Peter returns to Ballykissangel and rediscovers his vocation with the help of Fr Aiden.

by Jantineke Mulder

  Absolution: After three years Peter returns to Ballykissangel. By Assumpta's grave he has to decide to leave again or stay forever.

by Kevyn Pieters

  Demons Among Friends: Peter stays in Ballykissangel following Assumpta's death and faces down his demons with the help of his friends, both old and new.

by Victoria

  The Road is Dreary and Hard to Tread: When Peter leaves BallyK, he takes a couple of mementos with him from Assumpta's room.