Alternative Reckonings

by Angela Andre, Alice Cook, Steele Diggles, Amy Gosse, Michele Lacina, Megan Long, Deborah Jones, Laurie Mac Eachern, Elspeth Martin, Heather Morey, and Margie Stellmon

·  The Diary of Assumpta Fitzgerald: Events take a turn starting the night before the food fair.

by Anne

·  Alternative 3.12: Padraig fixes the fuse box and Leo shows up.
·  Another Alternative 3.12: Peter's siblings come to town and Leo was married to whom?!
·  Alternative Ending 3: Assumpta gets an annulment and she and Peter get together.

by Julie Barrett

·  Is This Really Happening?: The day after the food fair (which Assumpta survived), a reporter turns up in town and starts nosing around.

by Alice Cook

·  What If...: Niamh and Sean get a shock in London.

by Alice Cook, Jason and Mollie Lundy, Linda Suazo, and Anne

·  Thrown A Curve: Assumpta gets a disturbing phone call during the food fair.

by Chhillgirl

·  Peter and Assumpta: Padraig checks on the fuse box and Peter and Assumpta make some quick decisions.

by Darerca Fitzgerald

·  Hanging By A Moment: It wasn't Assumpta who got electrocuted.

by Silvie Fouache

·  Have I Told You That I Love You: Dr. Ryan saves Assumpta's life, but someone else's death changes her life.

·  The Voice of an Angel: Peter returns to Manchester after Assumpta dies, but a letter causes him to visit BallyK one last time.

by Helen

·  Fifteen Alternative Endings: They are mere sketches, but very very clever!

by Jane Elliot

·  A Cottage by the Sea: Assumpta didn't die. Peter takes her to a remote cottage to recover. Sweet one-shot.

by Jen Jackson

·  The Altered Reckoning: Assumpta doesn't die, but she and Peter have to deal with the effects of Peter leaving the priesthood for her, both among their friends and in the town.

by Kara

·  An Alternative Ending: Michael and Brendan are able to revive Assumpta.
·  Alternative Episode 11: Amongst Friends: Padraig and Brian plan to fix up the pub while Assumpta is in hospital

by Liberty

·  Only Fitting: As Peter leaves town on foot after Kieran's christening, it starts raining and someone in a blue van offers him a ride.

by MD1016
·  Reckoning Revised: Exactly the same as in the broadcast, only Assumpta didn't die.

by Mollie and Jason Lundy

·  Assumpta: Michael is able to revive her, but Leo does some mischief in the bar.

by Michele Lyons

·  Stormy, Stormy Night: Assumpta didn't die, and a thunderstorm sets off a night of passion.
·  Ballykissangel: Final Episode: Peter returns to BallyK and searches for Assumpta's grave.

by Megan

·  The 'New Beginning' Ending: Assumpta's death was faked, and now she and Peter are starting over together.

by Heather Morey

·  The Pointing of Duty: Michael was able to revive Assumpta. Peter turns in his suit and his sister comes to town.

by Margaret Pattison

·  When The Smoke Clears: What if the electrical problems in the pub had led to a fire? (With an epilogue by Thea)
·  Conspiracy Theory: What really happened between the scenes of "The Day of Reckoning".

by Eleanor Rigby

·  It Hit Me Like Lightning: A lightning strike reverses the electrocution, but Peter's already left. Can they catch him before he's gone forever?
·  The Roof Is on Fire: A fire destroys Fitzgerald's. The town rallies around Assumpta and Peter.

by Pat Ruell

·  A New Ending For Ballykissangel: A very straightforward, common-sense ending.

by Sarah

·  Alternative Ending: Padraig fixes the fuse box and Peter and Assumpta have a good time.

by Rebecca Stunell

·  The Happy Happy Ending: Assumpta didn't get electrocuted after all.

by Linda Suazo

·  Amongst Friends Revisited: A medical miracle.
·  The End Of The Reckoning: Peter and Assumpta get a chance to talk after the Food Fair.

by Tenga

·  Love Is Pleasing: Peter and Assumpta follow through with their plans after the Food Faire.

by Lisa Ulrich

·  The Bridge: Very surreal, it turns out it wasn't Assumpta who had an accident.
·  Full Circle: Peter returns to Ballykissangel four years after he left...and he has brought someone with him.
·  The Right Path: A certain young man makes a decision to become a priest...

by Victoria

·  After The Rain: Things move along very rapidly for Peter and Assumpta, but they find their future doesn't lie in Ballykissangel.

by Donna Walker

·  Homecoming: Peter returns to Ballykissangel and finds a surprise in store.

by Jen W.

·  All Roads Lead to Your Heart: Reworking of material from the last half of Series 3, Assumpta and Peter get to explore new facets of their relationship.
·  Pathetic Rather Than Tragic: Leo has a nefarious plan, but Assumpta's friends, led by Peter, get to the bottom of it.
·  The Reverse Reckoning: Peter is seriously injured the night of the Food Faire, leading him and Assumpta on a long journey on the way to a new life together.

by Zircon

·  Thunderbolts and Lightning: Assumpta's near-brush with death causes Peter to re-consider his options. And the rest of the town has their two cents to put in as well. Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3