Alternative Storylines

by Amy                                                             

  Storm: Peter and Assumpta give in to their feelings, but the repercussions aren't known until years later.

by Anne

  Alternative Episode 4.1: A big football match in BallyK, and Peter and Assumpta set the date.

  Alternative Episode 4.2: Assumpta and Peter are now married; Quigley invites some Americans to town.

  Alternative Episode 4.3: "Kids"

  Alternative Episode 4.4: Peter and Assumpta have it out with Fr Mac and Kathleen.

  Alternative Episode 4.5: Two mysterious strangers re-enter Peter's and Assumpta's lives.

  Alternative Episode 4.6: Assumpta and Peter get an addition to the family.

  Alternative Episode 4.7: Assumpta's Australian cousin comes to town.

  Alternative Episode 4.8: Clare and Kevin declare their feelings for each other.

  Alternative Episode 4.9: Another Christmas in BallyK.

  Alternative Episode 5.0: Clare has an accident.

  A Different View: A birthday and a wedding.

  No Matter What, I Will Always Love You: Assumpta suffers a miscarriage.

  Family of Four: Assumpta and Peter have twin girls.

  Little Business Ventures: One of the twins has a nose for business.

  The Sequel To The Prequel: Padraig and Brendan are staging Ryan's Mother 2 and Enda is back in town.

  Dreaded: Assumpta and Peter have been married for five years, but a phone call brings back unpleasant memories.

  Trying To Make It: Peter and Assumpta are having a tough time of it after her miscarriage.

  The First Time I Saw Your Face: Assumpta doesn't run away that night at the Egans'.

  I Never Want To Hurt You: Some compromising photographs of Peter are making the rounds.

  The Wedding Night: In graphic detail. Rated  R, I think.

by AssumptaFan

  Short Story: Assumpta decides to leave Ballykissangel, but Peter stops her.

  A Life for a Life: Assumpta rushes to comfort Peter when his mother dies.

  Am I Missing Something?: A "missing" scene from "Missing You Already".

by Julie Barrett

  The Christening: Set in Series 1, Father Clifford prepares for his first christening in Ballykissangel.

  Victorian Rose: An old photo album turns up that causes Kathleen some discomfort.

  24 Hours: Peter and Dr. Ryan work together to save a young mother, and Assumpta is down with the 'flu.

  Sabbatical: Set at the beginning of Series 3, Peter goes backpacking and turns up missing.

by Helen Boyle

  'Twas The Night Before New Year: Peter organizes a New Year's party at the pub.

by Chhillgirl

  Alternative Ending to "I Know When I'm Not Wanted": Assumpta gives Leo the spare room and she and Peter have a chat.

by coffeeiv

  Inside Their Heads: Begins as an alternative ending to episode 3.6, but goes far beyond. NEW 12/2008

by Alice Cook

  A Day Late And A Dollar Short: Peter stops in at a pub in Dublin belonging to a friend of Assumpta's on his way back from his retreat.

  Lost Diary Pages: Assumpta calls Peter after his mother dies and he makes a confession to her.

by Emer

  Son: Peter's son makes a pilgrimage to Ballykissangel.

by Laura Friend

  Anything Is Possible: Assumpta goes to England when Peter's mother dies...and stays!

  Take Me With You: Peter decides to go back to England permanently. With a short final scene by Thea.

  Green Eyes: Peter gets jealous of Vincent.

by FriendsBabe

  Back to Ballykissangel: After a lifetime of joys and sorrows, Peter and his wife return to Ballykissangel.

by Janine

  Christmas Wishes: A scene after "As Happy as a Turkey on Boxing Day": Peter stays to help Assumpta clean up, and someone left some mistletoe lying around...

by Jane Elliot

  Jackson Square: Sequel to A Cottage by the Sea. Peter and Assumpta go for a holiday in New Orleans.

by KatieBaby86

  Forever is Not Very Long at All: Peter and Assumpta talk about what they really want. Siobhan reveals who the father of her baby is.

  Play It Out: Peter and Assumpta go through with the kiss during rehearsal for the play, and it changes both of their lives.

  Forgiven: Assumpta leaves town to hide a secret from Peter. Two years later, she returns. Will they have a second chance at happiness?
  Forever Young: Aisling and Kieran, 15 and 16, are surprised by the arrival of three new teens.

by Lissie

  Someone To Talk To: Peter stayed in Manchester after his mother's death. Now he returns, and Assumpta is still very much alive.

  Watching: The eyes are the windows to the soul.

by Lynne

  Snowstorm, or Undiscovered Country: Assumpta gets stranded in a snowstorm, and Peter sets out to find her.

  Fecundity: Assumpta and Peter are the parents of twins. Will there be more?
  Too Much: The pressure gets to be too much for Peter, leading him to make a declaration.
  If the Glove Fits: The girls have a bachelorette party, where they speculate about the size of Peter's...hands.
  Merry Christmas: It's Christmastime in BallyK. Brian has a scheme involving reindeer, and Assumpta is due to give birth any day now.
  Eedjits: Assumpta follows Peter to Manchester when his mother dies.

by md1016

  Virtual Series 4: Assumpta didn't die at the end of Series 3. What would have happened if she'd lived?
  Virtual Series 5: Sequel to the above.

by loquita

  Ode On a Grecian Urn: It's Assumpta's birthday! Everyone brings a present except Peter...or does he have something for her after all?

  It's a Wonderful Life: Clarence is trying to earn his wings and shows Assumpta what will happen if she doesn't come clean with Peter.

  Answer: Last year the slave auction, this year it's the Ballykissangel Dating Game. Who are the contestants? And who wants them?

by Mollie and Jason Lundy

  The Funeral Guest: Assumpta left town to get a job through a friend, and Peter left on retreat and never returned. Now Assumpta returns for Ambrose's funeral, and she has a toddler in tow. See the prequel to this story by Thea.

  Alternative Ending to Series 3: Peter has a serious accident.

  The Explaining of Leo: The real reason why Assumpta married Leo.

  Time Line: All good things happen to Peter and Assumpta.

  Suppose: Suppose Peter and Assumpta had come to certain conclusions sooner, and done something about it.....

  Don't You Ever...: Peter returns secretly from his mother's funeral and goes straight to Assumpta's.

  When Worlds Collide: Fr Mac flips out, causing Peter to re-evaluate his priorities.

  The Gypsy: Peter returns from his retreat a different man.

  Starry, Starry Night: That night in the Killnashee woods leads to a revelation.

  You Had Me From Hello: Assumpta goes away and gets married, but not to Leo.

  Lunch: Assumpta left town and and Peter left the church, but they're not together...yet.

by Theodora McKee

  What If: The "Did You Ever Want What You Can't Have" conversation leads to a kiss, following which Assumpta flees to London.

  Another Take On An Old Story: Assumpta narrowly misses opening a wine bar and Peter narrowly misses going on retreat.

  If It's Meant To Be: Peter's mother plays matchmaker.

  Friends and Lovers: Peter and Assumpta share a night of passion that leads to bigger things.

  Niamh: Assumpta helps Niamh through the most turbulent time of her life.

  Still Another Story: Assumpta and Peter are engaged, and Peter's brother comes to visit.

  Brussels: Assumpta and Peter have both begun new lives serving the international community. Sequel to the Lundy's The Funeral Guest.

  Trouble Looming: Peter and Assumpta have a disagreement over how to raise their daughter.

  Trouble in Paradise: Peter and Assumpta have been married for years, but something stirs up old resentments.

  How Come It Lasted: A look into Peter and Assumpta's future.

  What I Wish Had Happened: Short alternative scenes at some crucial junctures during Series 1-3.

  Scenes of Life in Ballykissangel: Little vignettes give glimpses of Peter and Assumpta's future married life.

  Secrets: Set some 30 years in the future, Assumpta and her son discuss the private lives of priests.

  Getting It Right: A serious illness causes Siobhan and Brendan to re-evaluate their relationship.

  Second Chance: A car crash leads Peter to re-evaluate his life.

  Reunion: Six years later, Assumpta and Peter meet at a christening, and Peter has something to say.

  Sequel to Reunion: Peter calls Assumpta at the pub in order to lay his cards on the table.

  Another Generation: Series 6 character Oonagh gets involved with Padraig, leading Peter to reconsider his priesthood.

  Variations on the Niamh Theme: In which Assumpta gets involved in the Sean-Niamh-Ambrose triangle.

  A Common Barmaid: Peter, now married to Assumpta, goes to church in Manchester and runs into some opposition.
  On a Hiding to Nothing: Leo speaks frankly to Assumpta about their sex life, following which he leaves and Peter and Assumpta speak frankly to each other.
  I Am a Man: Peter admits his mortal nature, but that still doesn't mean everything's clear to Assumpta.
  Will There Be A Wedding?: Episode 6.7 "One Reborn Every Minute/Getting Better All The Time" as it would have been with Peter and Assumpta.

by Mearain

  When You Dream: Peter muses while watching his son sleep.

by Jan Milnes

  What A Difference Two Words Make: After their encounter in Niamh and Ambrose's kitchen, Peter comes clean.

  Alternate to Sweating Statues: Peter has a crisis of faith and makes an unexpected decision (yes, really!).

  Hiding to Nothing: Peter, Assumpta, and Leo are brutally honest with each other.

  Ending of 3.6: What If: Peter talks to Assumpta just after Leo has left.

by Heather Morey

  Alternative Ending to 'I Know When I'm Not Wanted': Of course it's a happy end.

by Jantineke Mulder

  As Long As We Have Each Other: An alternate to "I Know When I'm Not Wanted".

  Starry Starry Night: A Christmas story early in Season 3.

  Wedding Bells: Sequel to Starry Starry Night.

by Glenys Packer

  A Love That Never Dies: Peter is moved to declare his feelings for Assumpta, causing an uproar among the regulars.
  No Matter What They Say: Peter runs into Assumpta at the wine bar in Dublin, and they don't waste any more time beating around the bush. Happy faces all around, even for Fr. Mac!
  El Tango de Niamh: Ambrose catches Niamh and Sean in a compromising situation...and tragedy occurs.
  Like Vines Intertwined: Twelve years later, Assumpta has a whole new life, but when Peter shows up, will she drop everything for him?

by Glenys Packer and Jen W.

  Closer to You: Follows Assumpta and Peter from his retreat and her flight to Leo right through to an alternative happy ending.
  In the Burning of Uncertainty: A fire and an accusation of paternity make for an atmosphere of uncertainty in BallyK.

by Camille Partridge

  Forgiving Father Mac: What would have happened if Father Mac had been more caring?

by Kevyn Pieters                                          

  Mr O'Leum: Peter and Assumpta left Ballykissangel together, but several years later, a tramp turns up with a tragic end.

  The Form: A Prequel to Mr O'Leum: Peter and Assumpta left Ballykissangel together, but Peter has to confront an impossible choice.

by Pol

  The Frocked Man: A re-working of the "Do you ever want what you can't have" conversation.

by Eleanor Rigby

  Emily and Me: Four years after leaving Ballykissangel with Leo, Assumpta returns with her daughter. How will Peter react?

by Eleanor Rigby and Vanessa Wyatt

  A Different School of Thought: Brian and Fr Mac want to initiate a new Catholic school at St. Joseph's, but not everyone is in favor of it.

by Rebecca Stunell

  Out In The Open: Alternative Episode 4.1.

  Second Thoughts: Peter does some soul-searching and there are WAY too many carrots in BallyK!

  Think Different: Something about a refrigerator...

  Never That Simple: Assumpta attempts to fix the fuse box again.

by Linda Suazo

  A Surprise: Assumpta has Leo's baby.

  An Unexpected Call: Peter talks Assumpta out of marrying Leo.

  The Kiss: Peter and Assumpta go through with the kiss during rehearsal for the play.

  When Irish Eyes Are Smiling: Peter and Assumpta confess their feelings to each other in time.

  When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Part 2: Leo shows up, but it's too late. (With an alternative scene by Thea)

  I Love You, My Friend: Peter gets transferred to Belfast.

  An Affair of the Heart: Things start to happen after Assumpta turns in the petition to the Bishop.

  What Really Happened: Assumpta stays at Peter's house the night of their encounter in the kitchen.

  You Can Never Have Too Many Friends: Niamh fixes Assumpta up with another man while Peter is on retreat.

by SwissMiss

  Hollywood Hills: The star of a movie being filmed in Ballykissangel turns Assumpta's head.

  In The Bar: An alternative scene from Episode 2.4 "The Facts of Life".
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by Thistle

  Ideas in People's Heads: Peter has an idea in his head that he just can't get rid of, and he acts on it, leading to a night of passion with Assumpta...and maybe more?

  Sparks: That night in Kilnashee Woods, Peter and Assumpta find something to talk about after all... And what does Assumpta's father have to do with it?

by Sarah Warren

  At the End of All Things: Peter and Assumpta reflect on their life together.

by Monica Waterston

  Homecoming: Peter and Assumpta are married, but Leo just can't leave them in peace.

  Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow: Sequel to Homecoming, Assumpta is in the hospital...again.

  A New Beginning: Assumpta and Peter are married, and Assumpta misplaces a certain box.

by Zircon

  Guilt: Starts off with the 'Priests don't have those kind of friends' conversation from "Personal Call", but expands when Leo joins the scene.
  Goal: The gang gathers to watch a football match at Brendan's. Somehow, Assumpta and Peter keep getting thrown together! And who's making Siobhan squeak?