"Wedding Bells"

Episode 3.8


by Jantineke Mulder

Scene 1 int: evening falls

All the regular's are in the pub. Assumpta's pouring drinks.

Padraig:        So the lieutenant says 'what do you mean, no sensitivity? I have as much sensitivity as any man aboard this ship.' 'I know that, Lieutenant', says the captain, 'but when you have to tell a seaman officer that he just has lost a loved one, that's the most exceptional course.'

Peter walks in, signing not to make a sound.

Padraig:    Now look, Kowalski's mother has just died. I want you to remember what I just said when you tell him. So the man goes down Kowalski's mess...

Brendan:        Padraig!

Padraig:        Shut up, Brendan, I know you've heard. And then he says, 'Anyone aboard this vessel who got a mother take one step forward.

Sees Peter next to him

Padraig: (Softly) Not so fast, Kowalski.

Peter:  No it's 'Not so fast, Kowalski.' You see and then it might work.

Padraig:        I'm really sorry. I don't know how to say.

Peter:  (Smiles) Buy us a beer. I'll tell you what. Everyone in this bar who can tell a good joke take one step
(to Padraig) Not so fast, Padraig.

Everyone laughs.

Andrew: Hello everyone.

Peter:  This is my beloved brother Andrew. He was very anxious to see where I lived.

Andrew: Hello Assumpta.

He walks towards Assumpta and shakes her hand.

Andrew: Peter has told me all about you.

Assumpta:       Has he?

Peter:  And this are the others, Brendan, Siobhan, Padraig and Niamh.

They all shake hands.

Assumpta:       What can I get you both? This one is on the house.

Scene 2 int: night
Egan's place

Niamh and Ambrose are liying in bed.

Niamh:  So when is it going to happen, you think?

Ambrose:        What?

Niamh:  The proposal.

Ambrose:        Which proposal?

Niamh:  Come on, Ambrose. I'm talking about Assumpta and Fr Clifford of course.

Ambrose:        Don't you think that's their business?

Niamh:  What else would Andrew be doing here?

Scene 3 int: night.
Peter's house.

Peter's sitting on the couch. He's playing on his guitar. Andrew walks in with tea.

Peter:  It was a great idea to bring my guitar with me. I don't know why I left it behind when I first went to Ireland.

Andrew: It would never had fit in your bagsag.

Peter:  I guess you're right.

Andrew sits down.

Andrew: She's a lovely young woman.

Peter stops playing.

Peter:  Who?

Andrew: Come on. You know what I'm talking about. That publican, Assumpta.

Peter:  Hm.

Andrew: What hm? I'm your brother. You can talk to me.

Peter:  There's really nothing to talk about.

Andrew: Suit yourself. What was that other girl called again? Niamh?

Scene 4: int: day
Peter's house.

Niamh, Ambrose, Padraig, Peter, Brendan, Siobhan, Michael, Andrew, Brian, Liam and Donal are in Peter's kitchen.

Peter:  Niamh, you'll be in charge of the bar. We'll be back around nine, so that'll leave about four hours for you to
decorate the place.

Michael:        Don't worry, Peter. Everything will be just fine.

Peter:  I know. I just want it to be a big surprise for her.

Siobhan:        It will be.

Niamh:  She isn't expecting anything. I even believe she forgot all about her birthday.

Brian:  It wouldn't be the first time.

Peter looks puzzled.

Brendan:        On her seventh birthday, she went out with the dog and forgot about her party. We all thought she might
had drown in the Angel.

Padraig:        After two hours, she coolly walked in and asked why everyone was dressed up.

They all smile over the memory.

Peter:  I'll make sure she won't be late this time.

Scene 5 int: day.

Peter talks to Assumpta in the kitchen.

Peter:  I'll pick you up around five, okay?

Assumpta:       But the bar...

Peter:  Don't worry. I have Niamh filling in for you. Ah. come on. It only dinner.

Assumpta:       That's what I mean.

Peter:  Five it is, then. And no running back.

He leaves.

Scene 6 int: day
Padraig's garage

Scene 7 int: late afternoon

Peter walks in, dressed in casual. It's quiet in the bar, only Niamh is in.

Peter:  Assumpta?

Assumpta comes down the stairs. She dressed in skirt and top.

Assumpta:       I'm ready.

Niamh:  Have fun.

Assumpta:       Yeah, thanks.

She heads for the door. Niamh winks to Peter. Then Peter leaves too. Niamh runs for the phone and dials a number.

Niamh:  Ambrose, they're gone.

Scene 8 int: late afternoon.

Everyone is busy decorating the bar. Liam and Donal are putting up a guirlande above the bar.

Liam:   Donal, please, keep it steady.

Donal:  How can I keep it steady when I nearly fall off my stool?

Padraig and Brendan are moving tables. Siobhan puts cloths on them.

Scene 9 int: night

Everyone is in the bar, this includes Andrew, Fr Mac and Eamonn. Niamh is behind the bar serving.

Padraig:        Another pint please, Niamh.

Niamh:  Coming right up. What can I get you, Siobhan?

Siobhan:        I'll have an orange juice.

Brendan:        Are you sick?

Siobhan:        What? Can't I just have an orange juice if I want to?

Brendan:        Sorry I asked.

Cross-fade to Donal who's near the window.

Donal:  Here they are!

Everyone gathers in the far end of the bar. The door opens and Assumpta walks in.

Everyone:       Happy birthday!

Assumpta:       What?

Peter:  Happy birthday, sweety.

Assumpta:       You shouldn't have...

Everybody comes to her and congratulates her, Niamh first. Peter walks to Niamh.

Peter:  Niamh, do you have a sec?

Niamh:  Yes?

Peter:  Do you also serve champagne, actually?

Niamh:  I suppose so, why?

Peter:  Because we have an announcment to make.

Niamh:  You didn't...

Peter nods.

Niamh:  Oh, congratulations!

Peter:  Shh. just find some champagne, right?

Niamh:  I see what I can find.

She gets behind the bar and sneaks into the cellar.

Cross-fade to Assumpta.

Michael congratulates Assumpta.

Michael:        I can't believe you're 26 now. I can still remember the day you were born.

Niamh returns with a few bottles in her hands. She signs to Peter. Peter nods and goes to the middle of the bar.

Peter:  Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, may I have a moment please?

Silence falls.

Peter:  As you know, this is a special evening. Today our own Assumpta Fitzgerald celebrates her 26th birthday. But there's something else we want to tell you.

He walks to Assumpta and puts his arm around her.

Donal:  She's pregnant.

Liam:   Shut up.

Peter:  No, she isn't. That is...?

Assumpta:       No, I'm not. Not yet.

Peter:  Anyway, what we want to tell you...

Assumpta:       We're getting married.

Loud cheer.

Brendan:        Now we can congratulate you again.

Niamh:  Who wants some champagne?

Scene 10 int: day
Fitzgerald's kitchen

Siobhan and Assumpta are in the kitchen. Assumpta pours them a cup of tea.

Assumpta:       Are you sure? Can't it be...

Siobhan:        I'm pregnant, Assumpta. I'm not menapulsing. I've done a test.

Assumpta:       So what are you going to do?

Siobhan:        I have no idea.

Assumpta:       You know what the possibilities are.

Siobhan:        You mean...

Assumpta:       That's only one of them.

Siobhan:        Have you ever...?

Assumpta:       Me? Oh no. No, a friend of mine in college has. I helped her through.

Siobhan:        And did she keep the baby?

Assumpta:       She just started college, the father was a second years.

Siobhan:        Did she think it was the right thing?

Assumpta:       She says a day doesn't go by that she doesn't regret it, but yes. She believes it was the right
thing to do. So, who's the father?

Siobhan:        I'm not telling you.

Scene 11 int: day

Kathleen is in her shop. Fr Mac walks in.

Fr Mac: Goodmorning, Kathleen.

Kathleen:       Morning, Father.

Fr Mac walks to the freezer.

Kathleen:       Have you heard, Father?

Fr Mac: Heard what?

Kathleen:       Father Clifford and Assumpta Fitzgerald are getting married!

Fr Mac: Are they? Well, it was about time.

Kathleen:       Excuse me?

Fr Mac: Oh, come on, Kathleen. You are not going to tell me you didn't expect this?

Kathleen:       He's the curate. Well, I never thought of him as a good one.

Fr Mac: That has nothing to do with this. But we'll miss him.

Kathleen:       I'm not, that's for sure.  And I won't be attending the Mass either. A priest getting married, ha!

Scene 12 int: evening

The bar is closed. Assumpta and Peter sit by the fire, enjoying a bottle of wine.

Peter:  Is this really happening?

Assumpta:       It better be.

Peter:  Do you think it's going to work?

Assumpta:       Of course it is. Isn't this what we have been wanting for over three years.

Peter:  Yes, you're right. But still...

Assumpta:       This is a big step for me too.

Peter:  You could have held out for a bishop. I won't let you down.

Assumpta:       Well, you never get to heaven if you break my heart.

Peter:  Do you think we should ask Fr Mac to do the wedding?

Assumpta:       Why? Isn't that something for the regestry office?

Peter:  What do you mean? For the wedding in the church of course.

Assumpta:       Oh, no. We're not marrying in church. I swore never to set a foot in a church ever again. That includes my own wedding.

Peter:  Assumpta, are you serious? Everybody expects us to get wed in the church.

Assumpta:       In church? Over my dead body!

Peter:  Why? What's the big deal?

Assumpta:       The big deal? It's not a big deal. I just don't want it.

Peter:  Give me one good reason?

Assumpta:       Why should I?

Peter:  Because I deserve one. I used to be a priest, remember? Can't I at least finish that part of my life and start
a new one with God's blessing?

Assumpta:       Sure. But you won't have me standing next to you.

Peter:  Assumpta, you're being ridiculous. Your parents married in church, didn't they?

Assumpta:       My point exactly.

Peter:  You know what? Let's just forget all about this, right? Let's just forget about me ever having sleepless nights
over you. I don't know why I bother. The wedding's off.

Assumpta:       Fine by me.

Peter slams the door of the pub.

Scene 13 int: night.
Peter walks around in town. He heads for Brendan's house.

Scene 14 int: night.
Brendan's house.

Peter knocks at the front door. Brendan's opens.

Brendan:        Peter, what is it?

Peter:  Can I talk to you for a sec?

Brendan:        Sure, come in.

They go inside.

Brendan:        What can I do for you?

Peter:  I'm having second thoughts about me and Assumpta.

Brendan:        How do you mean?

Peter:  We just had a silly argument. I want to get married in church, but she won't set a foot in there. Not for the world and not even for me.

Brendan:        She has her reasons, Peter.

Peter:  And haven't I? I have been a priest for six years and I go to church almost since the day I was born. Now should I forget about marrying in church because the bride can't get along with the curate? I don't think so!

Brendan:        Peter, calm down.Do you know why she hates the clergy?

Peter:  No.

Brendan:        Then I'll tell you. When Assumpta was very young she used to go to church every Sunday, just like everyone else. She lived happily at the pub with her parents.But their marriage wasn't as happy and shiny as it seemed. They fought a lot and Assumpta couldn't understand because she was too young. Eventually her parents decided to split up. They went to see Fr Mac to talk about it. But you know how Fr Mac thinks about divorces. He talked them into staying together, because of Assumpta. Unfortunately, it only got worse until Assumpta left Ballykay to study in Dublin. She never came back until her father died.
You see, the clergy only bought misery into her life.

Peter:  Now it's bringing hapiness.

Brendan:        Tell that to Assumpta.

Peter:  She won't even listen to it.

Brendan:        That's what I mean.

Peter:  Can't you talk to her?

Brendan:        Me? Why?

Peter:  You used to be her teacher, right? Can you teach her the good things of the clergy?

Brendan:        Which are?

Peter:  Me.

Scene 15 int: morning

Niamh and Assumpta are at the bar. The pub is empty.

Niamh:  Are you nuts? This is the second time you let a perfectly capable man walk ou of your life. When will you grow up?

Assumpta:       Niamh, please. This is hard for me too.

Niamh:  Is it? In case you haven't noticed, there is a heartbroken man standing outside your door on the bridge, figuring out how to drown himself into a swallow river.

Assumpta:       You're exaggerating.

Niamh:  Am I? What is the reason of cancelling the wedding of the year?

Assumpta, with a little voice: He wants to get married in church.

Niamh jumps up.

Niamh:  That's it? That's the main reason? Well, I give up one you. You're hopeless. If you want to waste your life nagging against the church, that's fine by me. But don't you ever come and complain that you're feeling lonely!

Niamh leaves the pub.

Scene 16: int day
On the bridge.

Peter is standing on the bridge, staring into the water. Assumpta aproaches.

Assumpta:       You won't drown yourself in there. It's too swallow.

Peter, uninterested:    Oh.

Assumpta:       Look, I'm sorry about last night. I was being... selfish.

Peter keeps on staring into the water.

Assumpta:       You know I don't like the clergy.

Peter:  You like me.

Assumpta:       That's different. I can't help it you used to be a priest?

Peter:  Like I can.

Assumpta:       Don't start again, will you?

Peter turns around and looks at Assumpta.

Peter:  What do you want then? Some regestry office again? Seems a bit cold to me.

Assumpta: I think you're right. And the people might talk.

Peter:  People already talk.

Scene 17 int: later that day

Siobhan, Niamh and Assumpta are at the bar.

Siobhan:        So, the wedding is on again?

Niamh:          How long are you two going to keep this up?

Assumpta:       What?

Siobhan:        Letting us wait so long. Brendan and I will get married before you if you two go on like that.

Niamh & Assumpta: What?

Assumpta:       You mean...

Siobhan:        Yeah.

Niamh:          What?

Assumpta:       She's pregnant with Brendan's child.

Siobhan:        It was an accident. Besides, you promised not to say anything.

Assumpta:       I didn't. You brought it up.

Niamh:  How, why, when?

Siobhan:        I'll tell you later. First things first. Have you bought a dress yet?

Assumpta:       Not you as well! No, I haven't and I'm not going to. I'm wearing my mum's dress.

Scene 18 int: day

Peter, Padraig and Brendan are at the other side of the bar.

Peter:  Has she always been so hardheaded?

Brendan:        You know Assumpta.

Peter:  I thought I did.

Padraig:        But you two made up, right?

Peter:  We did. But what if we keep fighting? I mean, she hardly ever said anything nice to me.

Brendan:        That was only to hide her feelings.

Peter:  I took it very personally.

Padraig:        And that's why it took you so long.

Brendan:        We knew it from the very first day.

Padraig:        You really took your time.

Peter:  She didn't like me.

Brendan:        She was in love with you, except she didn't know it at first.

Padraig:        But why did she marry Leo then?

Peter:  To get over me. She thought he would drive me out of her head.

Padraig:        So much for happily ever after.

Scene 19 int: day
In the back of St. Joseph's.

Assumpta is waiting for the Mass to start. Brendan stands beside her.

Brendan:        Are you ready?

Assumpta:       I suppose. I don't why I'm feeling nervous. After all, it is my second time.

She hesitates for a moment.

Assumpta:       Thanks Brendan. For everything.

Brendan:        No thanks. That's what friends are for, isn't it?

Scene 20 int: day
St Joseph's

Th whole church is filled with people. At the pews hang white flowers. Peter and Padraig stand by the altar.

Padraig:        Nervous?

Peter:  What do you think? I usually stay at the opposite, remember?

Padraig:        It's going to be alright.

The organ starts playing the Wedding march. Assumpta arrives at the back of the church. At Brendans arm she walks up to the front. There she gives her flowers to Niamh and they sit down.

Fr Mac: Welcome, friends and family, on this very special moment on this beautiful day. This is a wedding where this town has been waiting for, for over three years. But today is the day that Peter Clifford and Assumpa Fitzgerald will become husband and wife.

Scene 21 int: day
St Jospeh's.

Peter and Assumpta get up.

Fr Mac: Now, take each other's right hand and repeat after me. I, Peter Clifford.

Peter:  I, Peter Clifford.

Fr Mac: Take thee, Assumpta Fitzgerald.

Peter:  Take thee, Assumpta Fitzgerald.

Fr Mac: To be my lawfully wedded wife.

Peter:  To be my lawfully wedded wife.

Fr Mac: In sickness and in health.

Peter:  In sickness and in health.

Fr Mac: Till death do us part.

Peter:  Till death do us part.

Fr Mac: May I have the ring?

Kevin hands him the ring, which Peter puts on Assumpta's finger.

Fr Mac: Assumpta, repeat after me. I, Assumpta Fitzgerald.

Assumpta:       I, Assumpta Fitzgerald.

Fr Mac: Take thee, Peter Clifford.

Assumpta:       Take thee, Peter Clifford.

Fr Mac: To be my lawfully wedded husband.

Assumpta:       To be my lawfully wedded husband.

Fr Mac: In sickness and in health.

Assumpta:       In sickness and in health.

Fr Mac: Till death do us part.

Assumpta:       Till death do us part.

Fr Mac: May I have the ring, please?

Kevin hands the second ring, which Assumpta puts on Peter's finger.

Fr Mac: Then now I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

When they kiss, a loud cheer rises through the church.