No Matter What, I Will Always Love You (sequel to 'A Different View')

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'Good morning,' Peter smiled at his wife, who was carefully making her way down the stairs. He moved to her side and
assisted her.

'Thank you,' she replied, kissing him.

'You look beautiful,' he told her, running his hand lovingly over her stomach, where he could feel their baby growing.

'Thank you. You don't look too bad yourself,' she replied.

'Assumpta!' a knock came at the door.

'Later,' Peter promised, kissing her soundly.

'Hi Niamh,' Assumpta smiled, as her friend entered.

'How are you feeling?'

'Well, I'm up and moving. No morning sickness today.'

'Yet,' Peter finished for her.

'Thanks so much for the vote of confidence,' Assumpta replied, sending him a sarcastic smile.

'You're quite welcome,' Peter replied, going down to the cellar.

'I can't quite get over you two,' Niamh told her friend, who was unlocking the till.

'What?' Assumpta asked.

'You love each other so much. Even when you fight, you can still see the love blazing out of both of your eyes.'

'I'm serious!'

Assumpta turned to face her, her eyes becoming serious. 'I know,' she replied softly.

'That should be about enough,' Peter said, coming up from the cellar.

'Thank you,' Assumpta kissed him on the cheek.

'No problem.'

'Peter,' Assumpta stopped him.


'I love you.'

Peter's eyes softened. 'I love you too.'


'Hi Aisling,' Assumpta smiled as the toddler walked in on her mothers hand. 'She's growing fast.'

'So are you,' Padraig grinned.

'Thanks Padraig,' Assumpta glared at him.

'I think she looks wonderful,' Siobhan smiled as 3 year old Kieran rushed in and smiled at his friend Aisling.

Assumpta smiled and jumped as her husbands arms came around her waist, resting on her protruding stomach. 'Don't frighten me like that again,' she told him.

He turned her around to face him. 'Or what?'

She kissed him soundly just as two familiar but unwanted faces entered the pub.

'Assumpta, Peter,' Niamh hissed.

The couple broke apart and stared at the door in shock.

'Leo/Jenny!' Assumpta and Peter said.

'Assumpta/Peter' Leo and Jenny said.

Leo was the first to become unshocked. 'Assumpta, Fr Clifford.'

Peter winced.

'I'd like you to meet my wife Jenny.'

Assumpta stammered. 'Hi.'

'You gave up the priesthood for my ex-wife hey?' Leo asked Peter.

Assumpta turned dark and Peter put a hand on her waist.


Siobhan decided that this would be a good time to say something.

 'Assumpta you said you'd show us your ultrasound pictures?'

Assumpta recovered. 'Yeah. I'll just get them.'

Peter checked Leo and Jenny in and joined his wife by Siobhan, Padraig and Brendan.

Assumpta laughed at her husband trying to get Kieran and Aisling to not run around the pub at one hundred miles per hour. Peter
smiled as he watched her disappear into the kitchen. About five minutes later, a shattering cry entered the pub.

'Assumpta?!' Peter called. He ran into the kitchen and found her surrounded with blood. 'Oh my God. Niamh get an ambulance!' He put his arms around her. 'What happened?'

'Peter, our baby's gone,' she cried.

Three hours later........

Peter sat on the edge of their bed, looking at his wife who was fast asleep. He hurt so much! When Assumpta had told him that
she was pregnant, he had been elated. They had spent hours discussing names and feeling the baby move. He knew Assumpta
felt guilty. She thought that because she had been so stressed out about Leo and Jenny being back in town that she had lost the baby. The doctor had said it could have been anything but Assumpta was adamant that it was stress. She hadn't let Peter
anywhere near her which was very unlike Assumpta. In their two years of marriage, they had always been very open and honest.
Now, it felt like she was building up a wall against him.

'What are you looking at?' she asked him.

'Nothing,' he replied, looking away.


'Can you just leave me alone!' Assumpta cried at her husband.

'I want to help you.'

Assumpta scowled and stamped out the door. Peter slid into a chair, tired and upset. They hadn't stopped fighting lately.

Three hours later............

She still hadn't come back and Peter was worried. He decided the best person to help would be Niamh.

'She could be anywhere and in her condition I'm afraid..'

'Peter she'll be okay,' Niamh soothed him.

'How do you know?' he asked her. 'She could be hurt!'

'Ambrose will find her, I promise,' Niamh told him, holding him as the tears came.

Ambrose stopped the car and looked. Sure enough, there sitting by the grotto was Assumpta.

'Thank God I found you,' he said, sitting beside her.

'What are you talking about?' Assumpta asked him irritably.

'We've been looking everywhere for you.'


'Why! Peter is really upset! He thought he'd lost you. He is back at the pub being looked after by Niamh. He was so worried
when you didn't come home. He thought that you had walked out and it was all his fault.'

Assumpta looked up at Ambrose. 'Can you give me a lift?'

Assumpta watched silently as Niamh exited the kitchen. She summed up all the courage she had and entered the room. 'Peter,'
she said softly.

He looked up at her and she was in his arms in an instant. Assumpta snaked her arms around his waist and let the warmth
flow over her.

'You scared me Assumpta,' he whispered as he let his hands run over her body.

'I know and I'm sorry.'

He captured her lips with his and pulled her closer to him.

'I was so upset Peter. I thought you must hate me because I lost our baby and then was so awful to you about it.'

'Hate you? Assumpta how could I possibly hate you? I love you more than anything. Isn't that how our baby was created? Out of
our love for each other?'

Assumpta kissed him again. 'When I was walking I started thinking.'

'What about?'

'I want to try again Peter. I want to make another child with you.'


Her finger covered his lips. 'I am ready.'

Peter nodded and kissing her softly, they made their way upstairs.

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