by Julie Barrett

  He Only Came for the Uniform: Who was Father Clifford's predecessor? (Crossover with Father Ted)

by Chhillgirl

  Mulder and Scully in Ballykissangel: X-Files crossover. Mulder and Scully are investigating some strange goings-on in Ballyk.

by Elli

  Ballykissalien: X-Files crossover. Mulder and Scully vacation in Ballykissangel. Sexual tension is resolved on all fronts.

by Jill

  The Luck of the...Australian?: Crossover with "F/X". Rollie and Angie visit BallyK and run into Rollie's cousin, Vincent Sheahan.

by Glenys Packer

  Ballykissmutant: Yes, folks, you heard right. It's Ballykissangel meets the X-Men. The publican's pyrotechnic, her best friend's telekinetic, and Garda can teleport at will. And what is the priest's power? You'll have to read it to find out...

by Thistle

  BallyK-In Deep Crossover: Peter Clifford and Garth O'Hanlon: what is the connection?

by Theresa Valdivia

  Honeymoon at Homicide: And now for something completely different...Assumpta and Peter meet "Homicide, Life On The Street".