Alternative Series 4/5

by Emma

  Just Beginning: Frankie and Fr Aiden admit they have feelings for each other.

by Mearain

  In God's Image: Father Aidan discovers a weakness he never realised he had before.

  Homecoming: A strangely familiar woman returns to Ballykissangel.

  Revelations: Morgan reveals her past to Fr Aiden.

by Glenys Packer

  Alternate Episode 4.1: One is Silver, the Other Gold: Series 4 as it would have been if Peter and Assumpta had stayed. Aiden, Orla, and Sean Dillon come to town, and Peter's last act as a priest brings some unpleasant consequences.

by Wellsley

  Back In Time: An old friend of Father Aiden's moves into town.

  More Than A Surprise Birthday: An old friend of Caitlin's shows up to throw her a birthday party.

  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Caitlin organizes a girls' football team.

  The Christmas Surprise: Father Mac helps Father Aiden make a decision.

by Zircon

  With Benefits: Siobhan and Brendan share an evening together following Niamh and Sean's wedding. Sweet without beating you over the head with it.