by Assumpta_Clifford

  Come What May: (Click on link and then download video to view) A Peter and Assumpta video. 

  As Happy as a Turkey on Boxing Day: (Click on link and then download video to view) Set to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's rendition of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Carol of the Bells".

  El Tango de Niamh:  The stormy relationship of Niamh and Ambrose.

by bagpipebanshee

  You Give Me Something: A Peter/Assumpta video featuring clips from Ballykissangel Series 1.

by Fionnthedog

  Losing Assumpta: A tear-jerker from Peter's point of view following Assumpta's death. Music is "When You're Gone" by Avril Lavigne.

  Sometimes When We Touch: Peter and Assumpta, seeking comfort in each other.

by javelinbk

  Can't Help Falling in Love: A little video about Peter and Assumpta from Ballykissangel.
  I Can't Make You Love Me: A video for Leo & Assumpta. A pretty depressing one, I'm afraid - it might even make you feel sorry for Leo!
  Waiting in Vain: Another Peter & Assumpta video. This one's more from the view of Assumpta, and what it must have been like being in love with the least available man in town!

  Doctor, Doctor: A little video for all you Doc Ryan fans out there - you know who you are!

by L160884

  Tale As Old As Time: A tribute video to Peter and Assumpta's love, focusing on the first year of their romantic friendship (series 1).  Reposted, complete.

by Margaret Pattison (SwissMiss)

  Something in the Way She Moves: Scenes from "For One Night Only" from Series 2 of Ballykissangel set to the Beatles' "Something". A Peter and Assumpta video.
  Bob the Builder: Can they fix it? It's Liam and Donal at their best... and worst. Lots of fun!
  Count On Me: A video about love and friendship, featuring Brendan and Siobhan. Sung by Whitney Houston and CeCe Winans.

  Don't Talk, Just Kiss: A montage of kisses from all six series, set to the song by Right Said Fred. Just for fun!
  Believe Me (If All Those Endearing Young Charms): A story of lifelong love: Kathleen and Dermot. Classic Irish song sung by John McDermott from the Irish Tenors album.
  Kiss the Girl: Conveys some of the frustration stemming from the fact that Peter and Assumpta never actually kissed. The original Disney version of the song.
  I Can't Unlove You: Poor Donal! Will he ever get over Sue Ellen? Sung by Kenny Rogers.
  Liam's Too Sexy: See Liam in a whole new light! Set to "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred.
  One Love: This is supposed to be Assumpta speaking to Peter after she dies. Warning: contains scenes from after the lights flickered and went out. You know what I mean. ;-)
  All I Need: Another dose of Peter/Assumpta angst and romance. Set to "The Air That I Breathe" by the Hollies.
  All She Ever Wanted: All Jenny ever wanted was Peter. A case of unrequited love. Sung by Mariah Carey.
  Immortality: A tribute to Brian Quigley. Music by the Bee Gees.

by md1016

  Ballykissangel: A Celebration and Lament: A tribute to Brian Quigley. Music by the Bee Gees.

 by prinsesprieel

  Love Is Teasin':  A montage of Peter and Assumpta scenes set to "Love Is Teasing" from the Battle of the Bars.