Series 7 and Beyond

by Maria Alvarez

  Diamonds and Rust: Father Mac has his own Jenny experience.

by Julie Barrett

  Alignments: Donal's Uncle Minto and the Ballykissangel Celtic New Age Festival come to town.

by Bronn Gallagher

  What Happens Next, Part 1: Ballykissangel continues where Series 6 left off.

  What Happens Next, Part 2: Fr Sheahan moves into Fitzgerald's and we learn about Frankie's past.

  What Happens Next, Part 3: Fr Sheahan and Frankie pal around.

  What Happens Next, Part 4: Fr Sheahan has to move in to the Garda station, and Avril has some big problems.

  What Happens Next, Part 5: Avril confesses her alcoholism to Frankie, and there are rumours about Avril and Vincent.

  What Happens Next, Part 6: Fr Sheahan visits Frankie's family in Dublin and Frankie gets very drunk at a Christmas party.

  What Happens Next, Part 7: Christmas in BallyK gets celebrated with a snowball fight.

by Camille Partridge

  There's No Such Thing As Coincidence: Peter thought Assumpta was dead and made a new life for himself, but a chance encounter may turn things around yet again.

Season 7

  7.1 "The Bar": An American woman is now running Fitzgerald's, and Peter Clifford is back in town.

  7.2 "How Did THAT Happen?": Old friends gather at a wake for one of the regulars, and Maggie reveals her religious persuasion.

  7.3: Maggie tells how she came to own Fitzgerald's.

  7.4 "How Many People Does It Take To Keep A Secret?": Maggie prepares to visit a friend in Dublin.

  7.5 "A Day In The Park": The friends get together for an outing.

  7.6 "Too Close For Comfort": The whole plan nearly falls apart when Peter joins the group at the picnic.

  7.7 "Meanwhile Back At The Ranch": Niamh and Sean reveal that they are planning to return to BallyK.

  7.8 "Cool, Cool Summer": It's a hot summer's day, and Maggie has a couple of plots to hatch.

  7.9 "It's A Long Road As Has No Turning": A storm is brewing and changes are in store.

  7.10 "Homecomings": Finn's passing brings a face from the past to BallyK.

  7.11 "Ladies Night Out": The girls get together and exchange stories about their past (and present) loves.

  7.12 "The Gates Are Open": A Halloween party brings a big surprise for Peter.

  Samhain Night: Bridge between Series 7 & 8. Maggie meets James O'Connor in a trance.

Season 8

  8.1 "The Morning After": Peter, Assumpta, and Maggie deal with the consequences of the previous night.

  8.2 "Let Us Give Thanks": Maggie receives a disturbing letter, Thanksgiving preparations are in full swing, and Niamh goes into labor.

  8.3 "For Unto Us This Day A Child Is Born": Niamh's baby is born at home.

  8.4 "Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing, Baby": Thanksgiving dinner finally gets eaten, and Maggie works some magic.

  8.5: Maggie gives Iblis a workout, and there's a smidge of Vincent and Avril thrown in for good measure!

 8.6 "Every Journey Begins With A Single Step": A silver-haired gentleman arrives in BallyK, and another is on his way.

  8.7 "A Long-Awaited Wedding": Peter and Assumpta's handfasting ceremony.

Season 9

  9.1 "Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire?": James O'Connor comes to Fitzgerald's, but Maggie is safe in Scotland.

  9.2 "Dance Into the Fire": Assumpta and Peter make their marriage legal, but everyone is tense about a possible showdown.

  9.3 "Shall We Dance?": It's Christmas in Ballykissangel, but James O'Connor is unknowingly heading for a clash with Maggie.

  9.4 "The Ring of Fire": Hoping to scare him away, Maggie spectacularly reveals her true nature to James, but he wins a victory in the end.

  9.5 "Glowing Embers": It's New Year's, and James and Maggie get off to a rocky start.

  9.6 "Dust and Ashes?": Maggie returns to BallyK with James, but he has a terrifying premonition.

  9.7 "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose": Maggie plans to race Iblis, and Peter and Assumpta decide on a name for their unborn daughter.

  9.8 "Who Wants To Live Forever": Maggie realizes why James has been sent, someone in BallyK is expecting again, and Maggie and Avril are making plans for Iblis and The Cat.

  9.9 "Ch-ch-ch-changes": Everyone's preparing for the next stage of their journeys.

  9.10 "Teastes Beag, Teastes Mor": Assumpta, Peter, and some of the gang spend a mystical afternoon in the company of badgers.

  9.11 "Everyone Who Should Be Here Is Here": Officials from the Jockey Club have come to evaluate Iblis. Brigid and The Morrigan put in an appearance.

  9.12 "The Dreams That You Dream Do Come True": The End of the saga. In which we find out what happens to all of the happy couples.

by Margaret Pattison

  7.1 Assumpta's Dream: Series 4-6 were just a dream!

  7.2 To Your Health: Leo leaves for good and Peter returns to town.

  7.3 Dearly Beloved Departed: Is Brian Quigley's ghost haunting the restaurant?
  7.4 The Infidel: Religion, fidelity, prejudice, friendship. A mysterious visitor stirs up discussion, and Peter finally pops the question.

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  Vincent and Avril, Chapter 1: "It Was Born In A Stable" - Vincent helps Avril deliver a foal.

  Vincent and Avril, Chapter 2: "Knock And It Shall Be Opened Unto You" - Vincent goes on a pilgrimage.

  Vincent and Avril, Chapter 3: "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" - Vincent moves into Fitzgerald's.

  Vincent and Avril, Chapter 4: "Feedback" - Vincent has a long talk with Fr Mac.

  Vincent and Avril, Chapter 5: "The Return Of Mr. Burridge" - Avril's ex-husband shows up again.

  Vincent and Avril, Chapter 6: "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" - Vincent makes a revelation to Avril.

  Vincent and Avril, Chapter 7: "Many Happy Returns" - A party at Avril's yard ends with a kiss.

  Vincent and Avril, Chapter 8: "The Rains Came A-Tumblin' Down" - Heavy rains cause some inconveniences.

Now choose from one of the following endings:

Ending A

  Vincent and Avril, Chapter 9A: "When One Door Closes" - Vincent and Garrett turn to each other for help following a death.

  Vincent and Avril, Chapter 10A: "Relapse" - Vincent and Avril revert to old habits.

Ending B

  Vincent and Avril, Chapter 9B: "The Flood" - A flood causes Vincent to seek lodging elsewhere.

  Vincent and Avril, Chapter 10B: "Offers" - Vincent and Avril have some decisions to make.