Columbia Hayes

 Columbia Hayes was born 16 Oct 1836 in Mt. Vernon, Knox County, Ohio. She was the first of four children born to William Henry Hayes Maryland and his first wife, Anna Riggs, both of Maryland. Columbia married Harris E. Pattison on 31 Dec 1867. The Hayes family were closely befriended with the Pattison family of Knox County both through their religious beliefs and professionally. Columbia's father was a medical doctor, and he apprenticed the Pattisons' son, Harris.

Harris moved the family to Indiana in 1870, and they settled in Pulaski County. Columbia died there on 09 Nov 1886.

   Columbia's obituary appeared in the Winamac (IN) Democratic Journal on Nov. 27, 1886. She appears to have been a very religious woman:

    "At her late residence in this place, after a few days illness, Mrs. Columbia H., wife of Dr. H.E. Pattison and daughter of Dr. William and Anna Rigs Hayes. The deceased was born in Ohio, and was married to the Doctor in that state about nineteen years ago. In 1870 she with the family removed to Star City, Pulaski county, and from thence to Winamac in 1875, where she continued to reside until her death. She had three children, of whom two sons survive her.
    "The news of the sudden death of Mrs. Pattison cast a deep gloom over our entire community, as all seemed to realize that a good and affectionate wife, a fond, loving mother, a devoted friend and neighbor, and an exemplary Christian lady had passed over the cold, dark river. The death of this amiable Christian was clouded with no uncertainty as to the future. She was a devoted disciple of Christ from an unwavering conviction of the truth of the oracles of God, and her life was in conformity to its Divine teaching. Her devotion and attendance at the house of God was an evidence of her loving attachment to His worship and exemplified her own deep devotion in the service of the Master. Death had no terrors for and the grave excited no fears to this Christian woman "when the golden bowl and pitcher were broken at the fountain."
    "The services at the funeral were conducted by Eld. J.P. Barnett in an impressive manner, after which the remains were followed by the largest concourse of people ever in procession to the cemetery.
    "To the relatives and friends of the deceased we express not only our own deep sympathy in their great loss, but the condolence of our entire community.

Just across the silent river,
In the undiscovered land,
There are living waters flowing,
Softly o'er the golden sand;
And I hear the angel voices
Ringing o'er the crystal sea;
In that land of light and beauty,
There's a mansion, bright, for thee."