John Valentine Eirich

John Valentine was born 28 Aug 1832 in Rossbach, Bavaria, the fourth child of George and Barbara Eirich. He emigrated with his family to America in 1837, when he was five years old. He was raised in Union County, OH. 


   John Valentine Eirich was 21 years old when he died. He had not married. There is a tombstone located in an old cemetery located on the Alfred Blumenschein farm on St. Rt. 736, Marysville, OH for a J.V. Eirich. It is believed that John Valentine Eirich and J.V. Eirich are the same person and that this is his grave. All of the graves in the cemetery are for children. Katie Mounts, a descendent of Gottlieb Eirich, remembered that John Valentine died of chlora. She thought all of the children buried in the cemetery died of cholera and were buried there, not in the regular cemetery, for this reason.