According to the information in the German heraldic books by Siebmacher, tome 5, the
following is noted under the name Eirich:


An old German citizen and patrician family of the 14th century, a native from the
province of Hannover. It is documented that in the year 1651, the lieutenant and commander of a watch-regiment Friedrich Johannes Eirich was decorated with the bravery-order 1st class and the great Coat of Arms in parchment paper from the Prussian royal house for his best services for his country. During the 30 years battles (Swedish wars) F.J. Eirich has fought with bravery, courage, and watchfulness against the Swedish adversaries and has brought a great victory for his country. For these services, F.J. Eirich was decorated and honored from the royal house. Descendants of
this family emigrated in the following centuries to Netherlands, Canada, and America.


A frontal pointed shield with a black shield shadow. The shield is divided and split up.
The fields in the changing colors of red and silver, inside stars in the changing colors of silver and red and two wind decorations in the changing colors of red and silver as symbolic of the love of the country, clear character, watchfulness and liberty.

Shield Decoration

In the colors of dark-red, green, and gold a gothic shield decoration, framing the helmet
and the shield.


A frontal old gothic helmet in the color of gray with red and black observation slits,
golden decoration, black shoulderband and red arm decoration.

Main Decoration

Over a banner in the colors of red and silver, a wing decoration in the color of black,
inside stars in the color of silver as symbolic of the bravery and courage.